Agilent Technologies has delivered and installed a 500 GHz mm-wave system at the Institute of Radio-Electronics, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland. The system, based on the PNA-X Series of microwave network analyzers, allows measurements from 10 MHz to 500 GHz and enables the lab to perform mm-wave measurement with the highest performance and flexibility. The PNA-X, together with the mm-wave extender heads provided by Virginia Diode (VDI), deliver a high dynamic range and output power, thanks to exceptional network analyzer source and the receiver linearity.

“This equipment opens whole new domains for our research,” said Yevhen Yashchyshyn, head of the Radio-communication Division, Warsaw University. “Our laboratory is focused on photonic antenna, reconfigurable mm-wave antennas, imaging radar systems and material parameter characterization. This now gives us enormous possibilities to contribute more extensively in the research of mm-wave technology.”

“Agilent is proud to support the University of Warsaw,” added Giovanni D’Amore, Marketing Development Manager, Agilent Technologies. “The instrumentation installed in the lab represents the state-of-the-art for mm-wave technology with performance that is superior to any other existing solution.”

Source: Microwave Journal