Yevhen Yashchyshyn, Krzysztof Derzakowski, Józef
Modelski received the EuMC Microwave Prize for an article “Extending Functionalities of Waveguide Slot Antennas by Means of Reconfigurable Aperture”. Congratulations!

The full article is available on IEEE Xplore.


The concept and results of investigation of some waveguide slot antenna with reconfigurable aperture have been presented in this paper. Discussed solutions have been based on the utilized semiconductor material. It allows to design the electronically reconfigurable antennas. The key element of the reconfigurable antenna is a surface PIN (SPIN) diode whose conductivity changes proportionally to the plasma density. SPIN structures can be activated selectively and cause, in turn, a generation of the desired shapes of radiation pattern. It allows to extend function possibilities of waveguide slot antennas compared with conventional one.