Zapraszamy na seminarium ZTS w dniu 22 czerwca 2022 r. o godzinie 14:15 w sali seminaryjnej IRiTM w (428) w Gmachu WEiTI. Referat pt. „Investigation of frequency characteristics of hybrid meander structures” wygłosi Diana Belova-Plonienė z Vilniaus Gedimino technikos universitetas – VILNIUS TECH.


Meander structures are often used in microwave devices because of small dimensions and positive features. Meander structures allow reducing the size of the microwave devices while keeping the same operational characteristics. The features of the meander structures like passband, characteristic impedance, delay time and others could be adjusted by using different materials or structures of the meander conductor.
The research of construction of hybrid meander structures will be discussed in this presentation. The hybrid meander structure is formed by using the 3D shape of connecting electrodes. The shape of the connecting electrodes of the meander conductor has a significant impact to the operation of the meander structure. The results of S parameters and delay time of hybrid meander structure will be compared with traditional planar meander structure. The influence of additional shields and different grounding positions to the pass-band will be also discussed. The presented results are obtained by using computer based simulation with commercial software packages and also by physical experiment.
Intelligent methods like artificial neural networks have a significant potential to be used in the analysis and synthesis of microwave devices. Therefore, the analysis of the hybrid meander structures using intelligent methods based on the feedforward backpropagation multilayer perceptron networks will be also discussed.